Permeable Pavers Products

Unilock Dura-Mat Permeable Paver

Dura-Mat™ - Standard Finish

Dura-Mat erosion control for swale and pond lining. Its interlocking concrete units fasten together on all sides forming a permanent protective "carpet". The interlocking system of Dura-Mat™ allows contouring to most terrain conditions. The solid-to-void ratio also allows for vegetation growth where desired.

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Available Sizes:

19.69" x 19.69" x 3.94"
50cm x 50cm x 10cm

Unilock Eco-Optiloc Permeable Paver

Eco-Optiloc® - Standard Finish

Environmentally friendly paving continues to be on the forefront of our agenda for the future. This paver has gained world-wide acceptance as the paver-of-choice for performance, and as an environmental solution for drainage. Only the patented "L" shaped design allows you to achieve a superior lock-up that can withstand even the heaviest of loads residentially and commercially. The innovative design creates small voids between the pavers providing drainage into the sub-base.

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Available Size:

10.24" x 10.24" x 3.15"
26cm x 26cm x 8cm

Unilock Eco-Priora Permeable Paver

Eco-Priora™ - Standard Finish

Architectural design with engineered performance. Eco-Priora is the latest introduction into the permeable paving stone market. Combining engineering performance with architectural design requirements, Eco-Priora fills the gap that previously existed...

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Available in multiple shapes, this new permeable paver is also produced using face-mix technology that will increase the durability of the product and provide better color retention. Custom colors and finishes are available to offer unlimited design possibilities. Combined with a surface infiltration rate of up to 140 inches per hour, Eco-Priora provides both aesthetics and performance.

Available Size:

Small Square
4.72" x 4.72" x 3.15"

4.72" x 9.45" x 3.15"

Large Square
9.45" x 9.45" x 3.15"
24cm x 24cm x 8cm

Unilock Ecoloc Permeable Paver

Ecoloc® - Standard Finish

Ecoloc meets the demands of permeable pavement design. Ecoloc combines the permeability properties of Uni Eco-Stone and the interlocking attributes of Anchorlock. Ecoloc's surface pattern gives the appearance of a rectilinear design which can be incorporated into many different contemporary and classic design situations.

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Available Size:

8.86" x 8.86" x 3.15"
22.5cm x 22.5cm x 8cm

Unilock Turfstone Permeable Paver

Turfstone™ - Standard Finish

Turfstone, a favorite for erosion control and supported turf. Turfstone has long been a favorite of landscape architects and engineers for areas requiring a "supported turf". Its attractive "filigree" design makes it an attractive and permanent solution for emergency access areas, embankments, spillways, and environmentally sensitive parking areas. Turfstone has the option of being filled with grass or aggregates depending on the project's drainage requirements.

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Available Size:

15.75" x 23.62" x 3.15"
40cm x 60cm x 8cm

Unilock Uni Eco-Stone Permeable Paver

Uni Eco-Stone® - Standard Finish

Uni Eco-Stone visually appealing and highly effective. Uni Eco-Stone allows maximum drainage while maintaining a driveable surface. Unlike solid paving surfaces which negatively impact the environment, storm drainage systems, and property through storm water runoff, Uni Eco-Stone allows natural drainage and migration of water into the earth below.

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Available Size:

4.53" x 9.06" x 3.15"
11.5cm x 23cm x 8cm